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1BC Ventrilo   

Prodigal Members   

I have put a candle in the

window here at 1BC. This
is so our members who
have to leave us from time to time can always find their way back home.


Steven Fithian (T3hPinkDeath) completed basic training

He's stationed at Fort Eustis located in Virginia.

A 9000 acre training facilty, Fort Eustis is the home of the

U.S. Army Transportion Corps. We are proud of you Steven...

Let's keep him in our prayers and wish the best for him.


Test your Internet connection speed at

1 S T... B R A V O... C 0 M P A N Y   




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Fallen But Not Fogotten   

Fallen But Not Forgotten

Brothers Forever

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Chaz69-1BC- Hero   

Command Council

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Whos Been On   
Specter-1BC- 00:00:34
Celtic-1BC- 00:06:50
Unisole-1BC- 00:42:19
Fireball-1BC- 02:19:37
Maddog 03:28:37
TehGh0st 06:48:26
DGSMOKEU 17:36:15
Sudi-1BC- 18:55:22
Bobdole821-1BC- 20:22:43
BuckMasterBob 21:03:02
Actwo38-1BC- 21:15:02
Mustang-1BC- 22:47:28
Dirty 01 day
Razorback-1BC- 03 days
chaz69 03 days

1BC Donations   

A special thanks to all the dedicated members who donated to keep us alive. It cost 1BC about $84.83 per month for the web site, Ventrilo, and the server. Please help to support our clan. Those who donate get admin rights to the game server.

Please donate to keep us alive.

Grand Total: $386.03

March 2012

BobDole-1BC- $53.64

Arvax-1BC- $5.00

Mustang-1BC- $25.00

Total March 2012 $78.64

April 2012

T3hPinkDeath-1BC- $15.00

BoneKrusher-1BC- $19.98

Total April 2012 $34.98

August 2012

Razorback-1BC- $25.00

Unisole-1BC- $25.00

MadDog-1BC- $23.97

Total August 2012 $73.97

November 2012

TehGh0st $14.26
Actwo38-1BC- $19.12

Total November 2012 $33.38


December 2012

QuarterInch-1BC- $19.12

Total December 2012 $19.12

January 2013

Unisole $28.83
Mustang $30.00
DRUM  $18.92
Razorback $29.70
Actwo38 $23.97
FireBall-1BC- $48.25

Total January 2013  $179.67

April 2013

Mustang-1BC- $25.00
Arvax-1BC- $38.54
Actwo38-1BC- $19.12
Unisole-1BC- $38.54
Quarte&Pasture-1BC- $28.83
BOW-1BC- $96.80
ThePinkDeath-1BC- $23.97
Maddog-1BC- $50.00

Total April 2013  $364.19


August 2013

Mustang-1BC- $20.00

Total August 2013 $20.00

September 2013

AcTwo38-1BC- $28.83

Total September 2013 $28.83


October 2013

Unisole-1BC- $23.97
Buckmasterbob-1BC- $200.00
Mustang-1BC- $25.00

Total October 2013 $248.97

November 2013

Razorback-1BC- $28.83

Total November 2013 $28.83


March 2014

Unisole-1BC- $23.97
Specter-1BC- $291.00
Sudi-1BC- $19.12
Razorback-1BC- $31.20 Maddog-1BC- $23.97
MeatLumps-1BC- $20.91

Total March 2014 $410.17



Click Here for 1BC Check Book

Please goto, log into your account and send a donation to please remember to put your gaming name in the notes so I know who to give the credit to.



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